Health promoters sometimes back off programs and services over the holidays because the perception is people are harried and preoccupied. Yet this is an opportunity to reach new participants and regulars with fun, once-a-year campaigns. You can reduce seasonal anxiety while encouraging other healthy habits — through the holidays and beyond. Some ideas:

  • Less Stress, More Joy. Run a program focused on energy-producing, stress-reducing habits and activities.
  • Turkey Trot. Sponsor a walk/jog event the week before Thanksgiving to kick off a holiday fitness initiative. Award door prizes and highlight upcoming activities.
  • Holiday Tune-Up. Conduct a health screening or nutrition assessment as a way for participants to prepare for the holidays. Use the contact to promote other services.
  • Gifts From the Heart. Offer discounted registrations to everyone who donates a gift to charity.
  • Healthy Holiday Bake-Off. Invite participants to share healthy holiday recipes. Have a contest for tastiest, most appetizing, easiest to prepare, etc.
  • Harmony. Invite local school or other choirs to perform holiday songs in high traffic areas over lunch or after work. Set up a registration table and hand out fliers to the audience.
  • Wealth for the Holidays. Offer a free seminar on financial fitness.
  • Maintain, Don’t Gain. Conduct a weight management contest from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Consider making it a team contest rather than an individual effort.
  • Holiday Cooking Demo. Hold a cooking demonstration and taste test featuring low-fat holiday recipes.
  • Holiday Card Contest. Sponsor a kids’ holiday card design contest. Encourage them to submit drawings that depict healthy holiday activities.
  • Holiday Helpers. Organize a food drive, afternoon of labor, or other worthy group contribution to a local charity.


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