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Hot Topics in Wellness, 2018

End-of-year predictions on what to look for in the new year rarely get more than half right. And those that do usually play it safe — laying out ideas already gaining momentum, but skipping the riskier bold bets. We do a little of both here while giving you something to think about:

  • Well-being looks inward. The idea isn’t really new and the term well-being has been gaining momentum as a replacement for wellness in the last 5 years. What will be new in 2018 is an even greater shift away from attempts to “fix” what’s wrong with people (particularly their physical health) and instead providing tools and space to explore social, emotional, intellectual, financial, and occupational needs along with appropriate resources.
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The Boldest Thing I Ever Did… enhance health, promote a program, reinforce a successful campaign, attract new people to a service. Every wellness manager has a fun story to tell about a zany act that was out there. Here’s one from my days at The Dow Chemical Company.

Each January through April in the late 1980s we ran a fitness program called Presidential Sports Award, with an awards breakfast at the conclusion to honor individual and team accomplishments.

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Kindness Is So Refreshing... and Healthy

I can’t write at the office — too many interruptions. So every couple of weeks I spend $4 and 6 hours at Starbucks, where I dig into ideas I’ve been mulling for some time. Recently, I’ve been thinking about outrage and its negative health consequences.

As I started to write this article a young man who’d put his backpack on the table next to me — but not yet received his double latte — observed a mom and her 3 little girls looking for a place to settle. Noticing they had coloring books and no remaining tables to use, he offered to give up his spot and instead sit on the lounge chair. It was a simple, in-the-moment kindness that made the mom happy, brought a smile to my face, and immediately changed my disposition... along with this article.