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health promotion aimed at the right target

If you want to encourage healthier eating patterns, promote nutrition services directly, right? Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s more effective to adjust your aim toward another target. Here are some examples.

Nutrition for Men

  • Pack Your Dad’s Lunch Week — Publish a set of healthy lunches kids can make for their dad. Encourage fathers to reward children who complete the activity by spending special time with them.
  • Healthy Rewards Breakfast — Offer managers a catered heart-healthy breakfast for a significant accomplishment. Make it an event that ties good health to top performance and the role a healthy diet plays in both.
  • Food for Thought — Sponsor a healthy lunch reward for top suggestions to enhance your products or services. 

Fitness for Women

  • Kids Walk Free — Host a walking/fitness class where children can participate free if they’re accompanied by mom (or dad).
  • Sneakers for Spouses — Offer discount coupons on walking shoes (or other fitness apparel) to husbands who complete a 1-week walking incentive program with their wives. 

You get the idea. Take a moment to review the targets of your promotions, then brainstorm the possibilities by aiming slightly off target — at spouses, children, supervisors, management, colleagues.

This approach often works better than a direct hit because people either don’t perceive their needs or resist your arrows when aimed directly at them. Encouragement from a family member or friend can be more eye-opening, inviting, or less threatening.  

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